The Republic of Belarus – stable IBEC partner

IBEC continues effective cooperation with one of the largest Belarusian banks – Belagroprombank. Within the framework of the established partnerships, a number of foreign economic contracts of Belarusian companies were financed. This includes such a tool from product line for supporting foreign trade operations as pre-export financing. This financing will be aimed at supplying products of the Belarusian pulp-and-paper and chemical industry to Poland. Also, Russian petrochemical exports to the Republic of Belarus have been financed. The term of credit operations is up to a year, which will allow participants in foreign economic activity to easily fulfill their contractual obligations.

The partnership between IBEC and Belagroprombank, which started more than 2 years ago, has already proved itself as effiective with a number of interbank transactions with a total turnover close to 15 million euros. The geography of joint projects includes such IBEC member states as Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, which are the main foreign trade partners of Belarus.

JSC Belagroprombank:

  • over 27 years of operation as an independent financial institution;
  • government Agent on servicing state programs;
  • more than 36 thousand corporate clients and 1.7 mln retail clients;
  • about 300 customer service points available across the whole country;
  • one of the largest banks in Belarus to implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.