IBEC Chairman of Board visits Romania

On 11 May 2018 года D. Ivanov, IBEC Chairman of Board, and E. Hentes, IBEC Board member, visited Romania.

During the brief working visit to Bucharest the IBEC’s delegation conducted business negotiations with the management of ValueConsulting company and signed the first Bank’s agency agreement which stipulates that the agent company would promote the Bank’s interests in Romanian and other markets as well as it would search for perspective projects and counterparties and provide consultancy on the IBEC’s services to the Bank’s potential and existing counterparties.

The agency agreement signature is a landmark event in the IBEC’s development which is a precedent of the Bank’s geographical expansion beyond the country of domicile permitting to significantly broaden the Bank’s capabilities both in Romania and in the whole Europe. The agreement signature is especially timely considering the actual start of the IBEC financing of Romanian companies. Besides, the instigation of cooperation between the IBEC and the Agent in Romanian further increased the Bank’s services availability to potential customers in other European member countries.

Furthermore, the Bank’s management had a meeting with A. Gyorgy, State Secretary of Romania’s Ministry of Public Finance, Head of Romania’s delegation to the IBEC Council, and presented an action plan for the pending IBEC reform as well as discussed arrangement issues of the pending 131th IBEC Council Meeting to be held in Bratislava.

D. Ivanov’s first visit to Romania as the IBEC Chairman of Board continued a series of the new IBEC Chairman’s of Board working visits to the Bank’s member countries.