Agreement with Golomt Bank - new tranches to support foreign trade

International Bank for Economic Co-operation conducted trade finance operations in the total amount of USD 1 million and all-in tenor of 6 months up to 12 months, including deals aimed at support of foreign trade between IBEC’s member states. Trade related loans were provided based on Master Financing Agreement between IBEC and Golomt Bank (Mongolia).

Targeted trade financing was provided to support exports of food and agrochemical products from the Russian Federation to Mongolia, as well as for the procurement of food and chemical products in third countries.

Golomt Bank – founded in 1995, is one of the systemically important and leading private banks in Mongolia. Golomt Bank operates with a well-balanced presence in all three market segments: Corporate, SME, and Retail. Golomt Bank serves nearly 80% of the corporate market and leading the local SME development initiatives. Recently, the Bank has become an active member of United Nations Environmental Program – Financial Institution group (UNEP FI) to advocate more environmentally and sustainably conscious strategies into daily operations and strategies.