IBEC - Bank’s New Development Stage, New Prospects

The 126th meeting of the Council of the International Bank for Economic Co-operation was held in Moscow on 9 December 2015.

The IBEC’s Council has positively evaluated the performance of the Board and the Bank in general in the ending half-year and approved a strategy for resumption and development of IBEC’s activities with an outlook to 2020.

Development of trade financing for the benefit of IBEC’s member countries and establishment of international settlements for economic entities of Bank’s member countries, including in national currencies, have been determined as key directions.

Attendees of the 126th meeting of the Council concurred that the IBEC should deploy its operating activities in order to follow a re-established vector for 2016-2020 development.

The IBEC’s Council resolved to convene the following 127th meeting in Moscow on 8 June 2016.