Programme of the IBEC's Co-operation with the Member States

IBEC’s key purpose is to promote economic cooperation with and development of economies of the Bank’s member states.

IBEC intends to not only support the established foreign economic relations between the member states but develop new ones as well. In particular, the unique structure of shareholders allows the IBEC to facilitate the entry of European exporters to new sales markets and to find suppliers in the Bank’s member states in Asia.

IBEC’s general directions for developing international cooperation with all the member states in 2019–2020 include the following:

  • establishing relations and expanding cooperation with the state infrastructure of export support for the Bank’s member states;
  • interacting with the trade missions of the IBEC member states, chambers of industry and commerce, associations of exporters and importers in order to participate in activities aimed at supporting foreign trade, as well as business missions in the IBEC member states, and attracting new customers;
  • establishing and developing relations with international development banks and other international organisations operating in the IBEC’s member states in order to consider the possibility of participating in projects that affect the interests of the Bank’s member states and correspond to IBEC business profile;
  • expanding cooperation with national development banks of the member states in the area of financing national exporters (including small and medium-sized enterprises), as well as their foreign counterparties;
  • establishing correspondent relations with the largest national commercial banks of the member states, opening and increasing limits in a mutual manner in order to develop IBEC correspondent network and optimizing bank settlements;
  • organizing and holding business forums involving the above mentioned institutions and potential customers in order to improve IBEC’s reputation and awareness